Nancy Vieira - Pemberton Holmes - There's A Fine Line Between Fraud and Misrepresentation When It Comes To Real Estate

The story continues...

Pemberton Holmes (Sooke) Realtor - Nancy Vieira- Fleeces Senior of His Money and Dreams 

Is This A Case of Real Estate Fraud or Misrepresentation?

Fraud in real estate is a deceptive act, intentionally done by a Real Estate Agent to influence another party into a binding contract.

Misrepresentation is not basically done intentionally, it is more due to the ineptness of the Real Estate Agent. 

As was mentioned earlier, Nancy Vieira of Pemberton Holmes Sooke Real Estate had sold the property about a year earlier. Did he know he was squatting on Forestry Land? Yes he did. That buyer had now become the seller in this deal. Proving she knew the size of the property.

But in her real estate listing with Multiple Listing Service MLS#350431 she has it listed as 1 acre, with a shed, a water collection system in place, etc. etc. All untrue.

What the buyer got was .833 of an acre not 1 acre. Close but still, that's a lot of lost square footage.

So, you tell me: Was it Fraud or Misrepresentation? Fraud being much more serious.

The saga continues...

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