Nancy Vieira - Pemberton Holmes - And the Contract Law Principle - Caveat emptor

The story continues...

Pemberton Holmes (Sooke) Realtor - Nancy Vieira- Fleeces Senior of His Money and Dreams 

Caveat emptor - Buyer beware - The Contract Law Principle that controls the sale of real property after the date of closing.

The due date came. The papers from the Notary were presented by Nancy Vieira of Pemberton Holmes Real Estate. The buyer thinking everything legit, signed, thinking the Realtor and the Notary would have his back, especially when it was one of the clauses of the sale to be completed before the sale could be finalized.  But they didn't have his back and the sale was pushed through.

The buyer moved his RV onto the property and started making plans.  That's when he discovered the survey hadn't been done.

Caveat emptor, in Latin means: Buyer Beware. 

That is how Pemberton Holmes Sooke carries out its business, Caveat emptor.  When trouble arises, they pass you off to their insurers.  Of course the insurer's claim no responsibility.  They are ruled by the same philosophy, Caveat emptor, BUYER BEWARE.

Try to say that to someone who has lost their meager life-savings to a company (Pemberton Holmes) because of an inept sales representative, Nancy Vieira.  Mike Holmes the president of the company says the same thing, "Buyer Beware." Then, they wipe their hands of any wrong doing.

ca·ve·at emp·tor
ˌkavēˌät ˈem(p)ˌtôr/
  1. the principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase is made.

Upcoming stories: Problems arising when the realtor acts for the seller and the purchaser in a real estate deal.  (as in this case MLS#350431) Nancy Vieira and Pemberton Holmes.

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