'Just One Of Those Things' - Strange Occurrences That Can't Be Explained - We All Experience Them

In paranormal circles JOTT or "Just One Of Those Things" is an acronym to describe odd or strange occurrences that don't fit into any known paradigm or pattern,

Loretta Blasingame Received A New Heart From Jesus - Stun Doctors

What ever gave man the idea that there was an afterlife, a heaven for good people and a hell for bad.

Nag Hammedi - The Lost Gospels of Christ

The year was 1945, December.  In Upper Egypt an Arab peasant, Muhammad Ali al-Sammān was collecting sabakh a natural fertilizer for his crops

41% of British Columbians Identify Themselves As Non-Believers

Way before Europeans stepped foot on North American soil, our First Nations peoples followed many varieties of animistic religions and spirituality.

'Jacko' The First Documented Case of A Sasquatch In The World - Only Could Happen In Supernatural British Columbia.

Us Canadians are always the first. The first at inventing the telephone, the first at discovering vaccines, the first to document a sighting and capture of a Sasquatch.

The Dapper Young Man That Wanders the Halls of the Grand Empress Hotel Looking for His Wife

If you ever get to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia you have to stay a night at the palatial, chateau styled Empress Hotel but be wary, it's haunted. 

In The Beginning Canada Was Slow To Accept The Facts - Now We're All UFOlogists

The year is 1947, the Second World War is over. We Canadians, paranoid of an attack are still searching the skies keeping a watch for enemy aircraft.

Turn That Frown Upside Down - A Smile Is Contagious

What's with that sour look on your face? Have you got nothing to smile about?

Anger - Can We Justify It In Today's Civilized World

I can think of a million reasons why I should be angry and I can think of a million reasons to avoid getting angry...

Who Doesn't Fart Once In-a-While? - Dinosaurs Ended The Cretaceous Period With All The Farting They Did

Back in 1991, there were these three scientists in the United States; Simon Brassell, Karen Chin and Robert Harman. They studied dinosaur farts.

Today Is Cinco de Mayo Day - Get Out and Celebrate

There are not that many Mexicans in Canada despite us being so near to Mexico. Maybe Canada's too cold.

Circus Maximus - The Festival of Venatio - A Template For Future Circuses

The year is 169 BC.

A festival called a Venatio, is about to begin. You wait, along with 150,000 other spectators

Telephone Scatophilia - The Obscene Telephone Caller

The phone rings. 
You answer. 
The man on the other end ~ a complete stranger ~ asks you, "What are you wearing?" 

May People - Bird Watchers, Treehuggers, Save-The-Planet Types

You've seen them, they're everywhere; bird watchers, tree-huggers, save-the-planet types. The original hippy.

The Vastness of Interstellar Space - Is It Possible To Cross?

A lot of people believe a spaceship crossing the vastness of space as impossible, at least for man at the present time.

The Flickering Light Bulb Phenomenon - Is Someone From The Other Side Trying To Connect With You?

We've all experienced the phenomenon of the flickering light bulb at least once in our life, haven't we, with that unexplained feeling...

Are Levels of BPA - bisphenol A - In Plastic Bottles and Lining Tin Cans Safe?

There's been a lot of talk around town lately about the quality of drinking water from plastic water bottles...

Camp Crystal Lake - Is There Such A Place?

Camp Crystal Lake was the camp in the movie and it's many sequels, 'Friday the 13th' where teenagers engaging in promiscuous sex get killed off one by one. 

Magick - If You Want Sex - Wear Red

How important is the colour red when dealing with your emotions and sex. The opposite of red is white. White stands for...