Too Boyish - Christian School Kicks Out 8 yr/old Girl.

A strict, Trinity Christian Baptist School in Lynchburg, Virginia kicked out an 8 y/o Tomboy because of her sporty clothes and haircut.

Little 8 year old Sunnie Kahle, a tomboy was kicked out of school. Her parents could hardly believe their eyes reading a letter they received from Timberlake Christian School. They made it clear that their adopted child was no longer welcome at the school. 

The letter from Becky Bowman a school administrator for the school stated Sunnie was confusing other students about her gender identity, and implied that Sunnie was sexually immoral reciting Bible versions of Christianity's opposition to homosexuality and alternative gender identities.

Her words...

"We believe that unless Sunnie as well as her family clearly understand that God has made her female and her dress and behaviour need to follow suit with her God-ordained identify, that (Timberlake Christian School) is not the best place for her future education."

Becky Bowman, Administrator, Timberlake Christian School

Sunnie claims she was ostracized everyday for her short hair and sporty clothing. Her grandmother pulled her from the school, she now attends a public school. She says she misses her old friends and doesn't understand why the school doesn't like her, she's just a child.

There are other similar cases. The little girl that shaved her head in support of a cancer cure. She got suspended by compassionless school officials. Through social media pressure, the decision was reversed and this little girl was allowed to return.

Maybe God won't be so harsh on Sunnie and allow her to return. Where is common sense when you need it?

Dog Brindle