The Dragon's Triangle - Did it Take Malaysia Flight 370?

Another one of the world's strange anomalies...   

The Dragon's Triangle

What happened to Malaysia's Flight 370? How could it just disappear into thin air without leaving a trace? Many theories are springing up of what happened and more to come until the plane is found. At the present time radar suggests Flight 370 to have been sabotaged, claiming communication was cut off completely before disappearing from radar.

The Malaysian authorities are now looking into more passengers and the crew of the flight, but nothing has surfaced.

Has it become a victim of the Dragon's Triangle? Could the Dragon's Triangle be larger in area than once imagined, after all the dimensions of the triangle have varied according to the disaster of the moment. At one time stretching down to Iwo Jima, 1,200 kilometres south why couldn't it stretch further, out over the Indian Ocean. The Japanese lost 5 navy ships between 1952-1954 in the Dragon's Triangle. Could Flight 370 have flown a bit further north-east than thought, and be caught in one of earths 12 Vile Vortices

Time will tell...

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