The Chills... Cocaine, Pot, Cigarettes and Cough Medicine the Prescription.

Years ago doctors treated the Chills with real drugs...

I've often heard people complain about having the chills but I never thought anything about it, except that the person was feeling a wee bit cold, chilly, something an older person gets when sitting near a window say, a draught!

How many times have you heard an older person say, "Close the bloody door, we're you born in a barn?"

More than once I bet!

The Chills go by other names, Shivering, Fever, the Rigors!

Some people shake, some people shiver and sweat. Some, their teeth chatter. Some go pale and some get "goose bumps," which has nothing to do with the chill at all; it's the cool air floating over the skin that makes the hairs stand-up on end making, "Goose Bumps."  Goose bumps can also be caused when shocked. You've heard the expression, 

"Made the hairs on my neck stand on end."

When you get a chill from an infection it's usually associated with a fever. The muscles rapidly contract and relax, it's the body's way of producing heat when it feels cold, often one of the first symptoms of an on-coming viral infection or disease. The list of diseases and their causes are too numerous to mention.

Chills are very common in young kids. They get to higher temperatures than adults, when they do get a fever.  But in babies under six months, it's rare they ever get the chills.  

With a temperature over 102 degrees you need a doctor, under that, sponge baths, plenty of rest and fluids are all that is necessary. Acetaminophen is also effective combating fever and chills.

Warning: If you have a high temperature, don't bundle up in blankets, nor stand in front of fans or air conditioners during a chill.  These could worsen the situation and cause temperatures to rise. 

Chills are a sign that something is wrong. Untreated you could experience severe dehydration and hallucinations and in children, fever-induced seizures.

In the olden days, people used the Chill, as a reason to take medicine, with no real symptoms of the Chill, they'd pretend they got the Chill. Often getting addicted.  

I feel a Chill coming-on.  Where's my medicine? 

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