The Rotary Telephone - Weapon of Choice

How many of you remember using a rotary telephone?  One of those big heavy black ones.  

Nurse Jamie Irons Out Wrinkles in Old Scrotums

This is Nurse Jamie.  She's a skin care expert and aesthetician.  A good friend of Dr. Drew.

Only in Hollywood!

The Blue Zone

A longevity, concept. "THE BLUE ZONE" an area of the world where people live to be old and healthy. 

Seniors - Protect Yourselves

This is great news... 

Older people are less often the victims of crime than young people.  

Things get better with age...

Lets start off with all the food that gets better with age.   Don't tell Grandma that her casserole and her lasagna tastes better the next day.

The Way of the Dog

After reading, "Glass" I anticipated the day when I would find another novel written by Sam Savage. Then the other day, there it was, on the "Books We Liked Shelf" at the library. Where I found "Glass" 

Feet Get Bigger as You Age

Flat Foot (Falling Arches)
makes feet bigger,wider

Human's are like elephants. 

Glasses - What I hate about growing old...

"Where did I put my glasses?"

"Where were you when you were wearing them?" someone calls out from the kitchen.

Pay- Pal's Big Mistake

I've heard of a guy going into a bank using the ATM machine, needing $20.00 fast. After pressing OK, hundreds of twenties start dropping out of the machine.

British English VS American English

Grandpa, Lily, Eddie gather round.
Dog Brindle has mentioned us in his new book.

So, I've written my draft, checked and rechecked. Thought I better do it one more time.

Loneliness and Old Age

I remember seeing this man, every morning, for over a year. I'd see him walking as if in a hurry. A slight limp.

This Close - Stories

A collection of thirteen short stories written by Jessica Francis Kane

She picks topics so mundane and normal then turns them into a whirlwind of events.

Pot Smoking Rastafarian's

A Rastafarian, practising his religion, smoking pot

One of the three persons filing a lawsuit against the Canadian government is a Rastafarian (Simone Topey) and feels she is being kept from gaining Canadian citizenship because she won't swear allegiance to an off-shore Queen.

Left Handed People

Did you know that about 15% of all living people on earth are left handed and women are more likely to be right-handed than men.

Improper Shoes, the Cause of Most Falls

The feet scientists have discovered...  most falls happening to older people are due to wearing the wrong pair of shoes. Shoes that were selected for protection from falling in the first place.

No one belongs here more than you.

Stories by Miranda July
224 Page collection of short stories, released May 15, 2007.
Won the Frank O'Conner International Short Story Award.

CPP The Biggest Ponzi Scheme Ever

There is one thing fundamentally wrong with the Government's calculation of available Canada Pension Funds. They forgot to figure in the people who have died before ever collecting a single CPP cheque.

Jihad - A misunderstood word

What images does the word Jihad bring to mind?

Not pleasant!  Right?

Buried Alive! The Safety Coffin

The older you get the more you think about dying. It's normal. I've dreamt about dying, then finding out I was just asleep.

The Sensible Policing Act

Decriminalize possession of Cannabis For A Safer Province

A message from Sensible ✔

Someone's got to speak up!

Islam Recruiting the Infidels - The Muslim Woman

I was surprised today, 
getting off the Skytrain at the Broadway and Commercial Station.  

I'm walking down Commercial Drive, minding my own business.  Leisurely window shopping, on my way to an appointment. I'm walking casually along when I pass this Middle Eastern Shop. A dry goods type of store. 

The Witch of Wall Street

Hetty Green, nicknamed "The Witch of Wall Street
Hetty Green. Nov. 21, 1834 - July 3, 1916

Have you ever heard of her. She was nicknamed "The Witch of Wall Street." 

Pressure Cooker Bombing Foiled

Pressure Cooker Bombs found in Surrey Home of the Accused.

Nobody would want to bomb, British Columbia.
We're friendly out west here, we welcome everyone.

If A Stranger Approaches You

written by Laura Kasischke
Her first collection of fifteen short stories.

The title of the book:

If A Stranger Approaches You

The Muslim Brotherhood

Since the life time of Prophet Muhammand in 632, Jihad has been primarily used in a military sense.

What is the Muslim Brotherhood?