Life Happens - Enjoy the Ride

Written by Rick Watson

A Book Review

Life Happens  Enjoy the Ride

I've driven through Alabama.

Years ago, on a road trip, driving to Florida.  Just passing through you might say.  Down the Interstate, Birmingham, Montgomery, finally Mobile, the whole Gulf Coast. Beautiful. The whole state. 

A few months prior, before my trip, the state experienced a hurricane and—if my memory serves me right, I think it was, Hurricane Danny.  I could be wrong.

For some reason that name rings a bell, a Hissicane. The blunt of many a joke. Same time frame.

This was months afterward and I was amazed at the devastation that still existed.  Bent signs, steel beams, bent right in half.  Huge tree's uprooted, it was amazing.  Houses, precariously off their foundations.

A few nights it rained, and rained, and rained some more.  Downpoured, cats and dogs. Sheets! Strange. Scary.

Exactly how Rick describes the rain, in his collection of short stories; the rain, the storms, after the storm. Preparing for a disaster. The damage done. Hope. Faith. The Rebuild. Always in the past tense.

The stories are not about rain at all.  He fools you.  His stories are about everyday life.

Rick is a Romantic and cares. He's emotional and shows compassion, towards everything; plant, animal and even little bugs, like a butterfly.  Though not too keen on snakes.  Man eating ones.  He's funny!

Like most American's, he's armed.  BB rifle in hand. Guarding the fort against, evasive critters.  

In Canada we build fences.  We try to live in harmony with the nature.  We have grizzly bears, and! little critters.  We don't mess with 'em, we relocate 'em. 
It makes me laugh, up here he'd be arrested, or shot to death by the ( swat sharp shooters). A maniac loose in the neighbourhood! With a rifle, shooting!!! 
I hope Rick is careful!  I'd call the police if I saw him, rifle in hand, then

Reading this book brought back memories.  Good memories.  Of times long gone.  His memories, became my memories, parallels.

When the sun came out... It came out!  The sun shone bright, blinding, and warm.  Very warm.  Hot! Really hot and with the rain, humid.  Very humid! Sleepless humid.  More memories.   

This book give's you a sneak peek into the life of Rick Watson and his beautiful wife, Jilda. Two of the most nicest people I know, on the net.  I follow their blogs. His, Life 101 and hers, Transformation Information. 

Mother nature rules Rick's writing, all his stories include rain, and Jilda his wife, mentioned in almost every story. Her, or the weather, or an insect, or a plant. Dogs, dog stories!  One story is called, A Dog Story.  If I recall, he mentions a dog in almost every story. Rick's a dog man. Who doesn't love a good dog story?  I have my own dog stories too, similar to his. Some happy, some sad. That's why I can relate, and you will too.  

Ol' Buddy, Rick and Jilda's Dog

It's not about him.  It's more than that!  It's about life. 

Once you read the book, you'll feel like you're part of the Watson family, he welcomes you in and invites you to read on.  Holding nothing back.  Happy to be alive.  

A self professed Hill-billy, 
he jokes... but as you read, 
you realize it's just his friendly demure,

Or is he telling the truth?
He just might be one.
The Real McCoy.


This collection (a memoir) of sorts, are all human stories, told from the heart. About family values, relationships, observing and caring for the environment.

If there were more people like, Rick and Jilda, I'm just saying, America wouldn't be in the position it's in, today. Time to get back to basics. With all the goodness of down-home values.

I'm not saying he's a prude. No!

Rick and Jilda are both, musicians. Like me, young at heart. Hippies, almost. Folksy'ish. I could be wrong, I haven't heard them play or sing.  He'd be the first to admit, they hated the fact they missed, Woodstock!

A quick read. A good read. 
I can't remember enjoying a book so much!  
I give it two thumbs up and highly recommend it.

*One complaint:
The font colour, on the Front and back page are hard to read.  It should be light in colour.
For us old timer's, needing glasses, so we can read without using the flashlight and magnifying glass.  lol. 

He has another book, too. Remembering Big. I haven't read it yet, but will, soon!

Dog Brindle

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Rated ***** 5 stars

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