The Casket Company

The Casket Company

You're getting old.
You start to think of silly things like this.

 The Casket Company

Growing up, in our neighbourhood we had a casket making company.  It was called "The Eval Casket Company."  Painted black faded lettering on a dilapidated red brick building, 
hidden behind a high wooden fence.  

As kids we'd peek through the knot holes and see stacks of new caskets waiting to be delivered.  

Of all colours, shapes and sizes. 
(Topics for other future blogs)

It wasn't a place I'd like to work.  Dark and gloomy.

We'd spend hours watching.  For what I don't know.  A body I suppose, to pop out of one.

I never knew the difference between a casket and a coffin.  A coffin takes the shape of a body.  Wider at the shoulders. 6-8 sides.  What Count Dracula wakes up in.  The generic shape.

A casket usually is rectangular in shape and takes it's name from "jewellery box" Usually the lid is split for viewing.  They started making them in the early 19th Century.

I wonder if you could buy a casket or a coffin on 
ebay?  Or better still, I'll look for a hand crafted one on Etsy.  

I won't worry about it. 
I'm opting for cremation.

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wenlaine said...

It was called the Eval Casket Company. I'm surprised you forgot that!

Kikidi Stiles said...

This reminds me of the casket company in Chicago. Thanks for sharing.

Charles Brawnyson said...

Awesome blog! I just love me a good casket company in chicago.